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110 cap free silks, nova +7 items in npc, Job based systems. 15% chinese dmg increase. and custom skill balance for all chinese. Job based reward system.

Valthea is one of the best private sro PVP servers. With automatic events such as PVP,Unique,Job.

[SRO-R v1.103] CenterBot v1.20

Lastest version of CenterBot can be downloaded here
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[SRO-R v1.103] CenterBot v1.20

Post12 Aug 2013 16:22

In this thread you can download the latest version of [SRO-R] CenterBot from the link below.

CenterBot requires
  • .net framework 4.0 or higher to be installed.

Link .net framework 4.0
Link .net framework 4.5

Please note:
  • Use this at ur own risk.
  • I will not be held responsible for any character los or ban.
  • It is not allow to post , reupload this in any other website

Are you new or do not know what an option means in the bot?
Check out the guide section: Guides

Still have a question?
Make a new thread here with your question:General section

Did you find a bug in the bot?
Make a new thread here with a description when/how/where this bug happened: Bug reports

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[b]CenterBot v1.06[/b]
[list][*]updated for isro v1.086[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.06a[/b]
[*]Fixed stuck between item and monster
[*]Added "Keep unique selected"
[*]Added mirror reflect
[*]Added more berserk options
[*]Added return to town on dead in spot after x min
[*]Added return to town on dead in script after x min
[*]Added hide client after login
[*]Fixed bot stopped when died in script
[*]Added script continue for town script
[*]Added hp/mp/vigor grains to "Potion" filter option in the itemfilter
[*]Added log options (exp, job exp, sp, drops, gold)
[*]Fixed a few parsing errors[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.06b[/b]
[*]Alarms for died, gm nearby, unique spawn, unique nearby and pm (only .wav supported)
[*]Separated radius into "attack radius", "pick radius" and "pickpet radius"
[*][color=#FF0000]Please note your pick radius will be 0 by default.[/color]
[*]Added not picking other peoples quest items with pickpet
[*]Added more buff detecting, it should not cast a buff when there is already a same type buff on e.g.
[*]chn phy buff and chn phy party buff and eu phy party buff
[*]chn Concentration lv1 and chn Concentration lv2
[*]eu speed and chn speed and speed scroll/drug[/list]
[*]Added log option "attacked by player", this will show you which player attacked you and with what skill
[*]Fixed dc when server full
[*]Possible fix for some wrong chardate parses
[*]Fixed sro_client still active after hide
[*]Added internet connection check
[*]Added pickpet pickloop error checks
[*]Fixed not clearing party list when you leave the party in job mode
[*]Added Discord Wave to party buff list
[*]Added start on refill yellow  exp bar and stop on gray exp bar, on gray bar the bot can return to town or log off
[*]Enabled Login button after disconnect so u dont have to reopen the bot.[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.07[/b]
[list][*]Updated for sro-r v1.088
[*]Fixed minor bug in selecting the skill[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.07a[/b]
[list][*]Fixed selecting skill causing bot to stop
[*]Fixed minor bug in characterdata
[*]Possible fixed tambour (untested)[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.07b[/b]
[list][*]Enabled Event exchange
[*]Fixed inviting party members when not logged in
[*]Moved Stealth skill to buffs list
[*]Moved mesh root skill to attack list
[*]Added maximum of 100 larger pickradius then attack radius
[*]Changed internet detection to be accurate and faster
[*]Fixed some parsing errors
[*]Added active quest remove option, right click on the quest and click remove[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.08[/b]
[list][*]Updated for sro-r v1.090
[*]Fixed small skill conflict between chinese phy/mag buff and euro phy/mag party buff
[*]Fixed not been able to use stealth skill with xbow
[*]Fixed some skills of rogue being displayed in the wrong list
[*]Fixed not been able to cast "scud" when another speed buff is on
[*]Fixed universal pill settings bug
[*]Added more botservers to handle the load
[*]Fixed stop at log in when server is full
[*]Fixed not being able to change quest return option
[*]Temporarily removed "new" party buff detection, since it seems this is getting the bot to stuck/stop
[*]Removed event exchange tab, due event ended[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.08a[/b]
[list][*]Fixed error at login[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.09[/b]
[*]Updated for isro v1.091
[*]Fixed error at exchanging job ticket loop
[*]Fixed not using devil spirit skill of Angel's spirit item
[*]Fixed small bug of not reading the characterdata
[*]Fixed a quest parsing
[*]Fixed not saving alarm settings
[*]Fixed not detecting sro_client with capital letters[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.09a[/b]
[*] Removed buff detect code, since it gets bot stuck /stop for some people for unknown reasons[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.09b[/b]
[*] Implemented new bot <> botserver connection
[*] Added snow flake event auto deliver[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.09c[/b]
[*] Rewrote potion usage code
[*] Added auto spawn attack pet
[*] Fixed trying to attack invisible mobs (in jg cave)
[*] Increase bolt/arrow max amount to 99999
[*] Added Lure mode - auto lure only (beta)
[*] Fixed bug in bot loop causing an error which was most likely causing the bot to stop
[*] Added back the buff detection, since the stop bot bug seems to be solved
[*] Applied botserver update
[*] Added berserk speed to calculation when in berserk mode
[*] Put character name first in bot title
[*] Added exp and sp gained statistics[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.10[/b]
[*]Updated for sro-r v1.093
[*] Fixed a small potion bug
[*] Removed snow flake auto deliver[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.10a[/b]
[*] Added lucky box event auto deliver
[*] Added pet inventory item switch detection[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.11[/b]
[*]Updated for sro-r v1.094[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.11a[/b]
[*] Fixed disconnect/reconnect problem[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.12[/b]
[*]Updated for sro-r v1.095[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.12a[/b]
[*] Fixed player spawn parse[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.12b[/b]
[*] Fixed not picking
[*] Fixed not recognizing objects (npc etc)[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.12c[/b]
[*] Fixed not connecting to the botserver correctly
[*] Added balloon event support [/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.13[/b]
[*]Updated for sro-r v1.096[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.14[/b]
[*]Updated for sro-r v1.097[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.14a[/b]
[*] Added auto get event egg buff while botting option under Event tab[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.15[/b]
[*]Updated for sro-r v1.098[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.16[/b]
[*]Updated for sro-r v1.099[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.17[/b]
[*]Updated for sro-r v1.100[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.17a[/b]
[*]Added pledge event auto deliver[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.18[/b]
[*]Updated for sro-r v1.101[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.19[/b]
[*]Updated for sro-r v1.102[/list]

[b]CenterBot v1.19a[/b]
[*]Updated silkroad server IP addresses due joymax moving to Korean servers like ISRO[/list]

CenterBot v1.20
  • Updated for sro-r v1.103
  • Fixed false positive detection of some antivirus scanners
  • Fixed devil s

[SROR] CenterBot v1.20.rar

[SROR]CenterBot v1.20 MEGA
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